How to use the perudo dice and cup 

The focus of attention during a game of perudo, both offline and when playing in an online casino, is the dice and cup. Each player uses his or her perudo dice and cup to roll his five perudo dice but also keep the dice hidden from the other perudo players. Guessing the dice values is what the game is all about so you don’t want to give your opponents any help.

When you roll your dice make sure you don’t let the other players see your perudo dice. You have to be quick with your perudo dice and cup so that the dice aren’t visible even for a moment. Sharp-eyed perudo players may catch a glimpse of your dice and that will give them an advantage.

Don’t forget that you must also take a look at your own dice before you can make a bid. How you handle your perudo dice and cup is part of the fun of the game. Confident perudo players will make a big show of checking their perudo dice in an attempt to bluff their opponents into making a mistaken bid. Or as an alternative, you can use your best ‘poker’ face because your opponents may read your expressions and learn about your dice.

The perudo dice and cup are more than just functional tools of the game, they are props. Perudo players keep a close eye on each other to see how their opponents pose and behave especially when they are checking their perudo dice. In a game that is all about bluffing, like Perudo or online poker, body language is a key to victory! Learn how to handle your cup well and you will pave the way to victory.